Kentstrapper Srl – XY movement for our 3d printer

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

We had developed a Core XY for our 3D printers and we needed bearings that require no lubrication and offer high performance.


We needed to create a Core XY movement for our 3D printers, and the normal bearings had problems with vibration and lubrication, so we were looking for something to solve this matter.

We had tried a lot of bearings with different diameters and shapes mounted on round rods, but we always had vibrations and needed to lubricate in order to have a clean movement. One day we tried to create the Core XY without the rod but with the drylin rail profile and the igus pillow block w and everything changed. We can now move the axis speeder with more accuracy. We now use the igus bearing and rails on all our 3D printers.

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