Hochschule f. angewandte Wissenschaften – Measuring the magnetic field in three dimensions

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

The application is a scanner that can measure the magnetic flux density of any spatial magnetic field, in three dimensions, with great precision. The scanner is operated via an intuitive user interface and can therefore be easily carried out by a non-specialist. The scanner is remarkable for its high measuring precision for both the flux density and the location in question, which is made possible by the positioning provided by the igus drives. Inductive limit switches for all three axes effectively prevent damage from improper operation.



The guidance field of a teaching and training cyclotron is especially important for beam guidance and focussing. For this reason, this field is to undergo spatially resolved (positioning precision of less than 1mm), 3D measurement. The measured values recorded are to be stored in a suitable file in a suitable format for further analysis.


The scanner was implemented with an igus 3D linear robot. The precise belt drives ensure a positioning precision of 0.8mm or less.
The three stepper motors with which the linear robot’s axes are driven also come from igus and can be easily configured with the dryve control system, allowing data collection (of flux density and position) that is largely fully automatic.
The convenient control web interface allows easy adjustment of all basic settings (axis data, IP addresses, etc.).
A special highlight is the capability of saving complex travel profiles (those consisting of multiple commands) which can be accessed in a variety of ways. This application uses so-called binary access.
This simple but reliable option was used to achieve a greater degree of measuring system automation, making the device operable for secondary school and university students.

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