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igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

The future of automated process hygiene
Automated cleaning has become indispensable in the food and beverage industries.
The LOEHRKE Cleenius® is a step towards the future of automated cleaning and disinfection. The modern robot combines the advantages of reproducible hygiene and cutting-edge technology. The Cleenius® helps increase processing and filling systems productivity and reduce energy, chemical and water consumption.
A modular guidance system and simple adaptability allows the LOEHRKE Cleenius® to be easily integrated into a wide variety of system configurations while remaining capable of being programmed for new tasks. The LOEHRKE Cleenius® is suitable for complex cleaning processes, especially within food and beverage industry production chains. Hard-to-reach or critical areas can be cleaned quickly and safely.

The LOEHRKE Cleenius® can be used in the following industries:
– Beverage industry
– Dairy industry
– Delicacies and convenience
– Meat and fish packaging industries
– Baked goods industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Chemicals industry





Complex system geometries often require manual cleaning. A major disadvantage is the poor reproducibility of cleaning results. The LOEHRKE Cleenius® can be deployed flexibly and thus adapted to individual customer requirements. It can be much more economical than manual cleaning and ensures high product quality. It can be integrated into complex existing systems and is remarkable for its user-friendliness. It can improve occupational health and safety and meet stringent sustainability and environmental requirements.


The introduction of LOEHRKE Cleenius® to a lubricants manufacturer greatly simplified tank interior cleaning, which had previously been manual, requiring many workers and a great deal of time.

The flexibility provided by the six axes allows even complex installations such as integrated agitators to be automated simply, returning reproducible results. The customer reports that the LOEHRKE Cleenius® is ideally suited to extensive cleaning.

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