Lang & Potter – Mechanism destined for a Marine Environment

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

We have been seeking to develop a Marine suitable Helmseat Recliner Mechanism for some time as part of a new, innovative product range. The idea has proven simpler than a solution due to the rigours of an environment where salt water gets into everything, the sun beats down mercilessly & guests/crew spill all manner of things with wild abandon!

After several dead ends, working with igus UK we are now closing on a solution in the form of a robolink powered mechanism, where a high IP rating, solid performance & reliability are built in.



Salt water, blistering UV, high humidity, champagne (& more) spillages all ensure that any mechanism destined for a Marine Environment needs to be tough & reliable.

Placing that mechanism inside upholstery, where water can be held, bacteria & fungi grow & frequent use places uneven stresses upon all surfaces, is asking an awful lot of anything designed to move.

Ultimately, today’s luxury craft are expected to offer a seamless flow from other experiences; an owner alights from their sports car & expects the same comfort & features on their yacht that they were enjoying moments ago. However, offering that experience is not as simple as transplanting one to the other when a yacht is more than a means of conveyance!


The igus robolink offers us the ability to offer our customers (& their customers) functionality not traditionally seen on the exterior of a yacht. Several systems do exist in the wild, but in our experience, none are actually intended for use on the exterior of a yacht & will not withstand such treatment.

Through igus & robolink, we believe a solution is in sight!

Included in this application are photos of a previous test unit produced with igus, the closest we have come to a solution excepting robolink; it was extremely close, but as you can see, the robolink’s greater strength will make all the difference!

Further models / images could be produced, but the details of the Rrobolink solution are currently in development with the igus UK team.

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