Qx Robotics Pvt. Ltd. – Medicine dispensing System

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

Medicine dispensing System for Pharmacies.
The system can handle medicine strips (Blister type, Alu-Alu type etc.) and medicine boxes etc.



The product is designed to solve the challenges in dispensing medicines at pharmacies. There are a number of companies in this sector that provide automated medicine dispensing solutions. These solutions are often very costly and unaffordable for most of the small-scale pharmacies. Though the prime purpose of the pharmacist is to advise the customer on medication- oriented aspects, the majority of their time is spent on fetching the medicines.
Our company Qx- Robotics Pvt. Ltd. focuses in this sector. Our main goal is to provide an affordable solution to the pharmacies. Our product Qx-Dextron is a desktop medicine dispensing machine. It can dispense medicine strips (Blister type, Alu-Alu type etc.) and medicine boxes. The system can dispense medicines in a much faster manner, enabling the pharmacist to spend more time with the customer and save the time and effort in the fetching process. The faster dispensing enables pharmacies to serve more customers thereby improving overall business.


The solution is based on a compact pick and place robot. Conventional pharmacy automation solutions offer box dispensing solutions. The innovative design of Qx-Dextron enables it to dispense even challenging products like Alu-Alu type medicine strips. The actuation system of Qx-Dextron is based on an XYZ gantry system from igus DLE-FG-0001-S(20021201).

The product can improve speed of dispensing: for pharmacies it can reduce medicine dispensing time to less than one third of the conventional process.
The product is cost efficient: the low cost automation system enables it to be cost efficient for pharmacies and earn Return on Investment(ROI) within one year.
Energy Efficiency: the custom- designed electronics in Dextron makes it energy efficient. Average power consumption of Qx-Dextron is less than 1 kWh per day.
Scalable: the product dimensions can be tailored according to customer needs. The system is also stackable and can save space.

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