Taiwan Pulse Motion – robot arm control applcation

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

Taiwan Pulse Motion, an automation control solution provider, supplies a wide range of EtherCAT based stepper motor drives, distributed I/O modules and IPCs at low cost.

For robot arm control applications, TPM also provides a ready-to-use robot control system on EtherCAT bus applied on igus gantry, delta and robolink robot arms called MyRobot. Users may easily describe complicated robot movements with simplified robot language.


For the users who are using a robot control system for specific applications like Automatic Optical Inspection machines with robot arms, industrial computers play an important role to process massive images which makes a PC-Based robot control system an essential part for computer vision, motor driving and movement functions that require sophisticated algorithms.

MyRobot is a ready-to-use robot arm simulation control software. Users may easily create a virtual environment to simulate the applications and offline programming which saves a lot of time and money by shortening the design cycle and reducing startup time.

The built-in simulation, MyRobot, saves users time and cuts costs because they don’t have to buy a separate software simulation package, learn how to use it and integrate with the controller and its software.

igus robot arms always come with a built-in MyRobot control system as a complete package.

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