UNIVERZA V MARIBORU, FERI – independently test Li-ion batteries

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

In the industry, batteries are tested with several batteries together, so if one of them is inadequate, the problem is that we no longer have enough batteries to put them in the box. Therefore, these batteries are disposed of in an additional landfill where we need an additional robot to put the batteries in a box. In order to optimise and reduce the battery sorting, we thought of sorting one battery at a time. So, we had to imagine a whole new look and function of the device in general.



The aim of the project was to make a device that can independently test Li-ion batteries with the help of a controller and then sort them accordingly. One of the bigger goals was the design of the product itself, as we had to imagine the whole construction of the device. This included housing, shaft mounting, gear sizing, contact battery testing system, etc.

Sliding bearings made of igus special polymer were inserted into the bracket. In operation, this solution has proven to be very suitable for our application, especially since it is not about high speeds and loads. Compared to conventional roller bearings, this type of bearing is significantly easier to install and relatively insensitive to dust and dirt and, last but not least, significantly cheaper.

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