Volkswagen AG Werk Emden – Handling of Rear battery consoles

igu-award-adm | July 23, 2020

Gluing acoustic measures in the rear battery console area of a Passat B8 PA. Handling of rear battery consoles with the application of two adhesive seams with the igus robolink W.


Until now, a Passat B8 passing through line operations in Hall 2 of the Emden VW plant, would have had its rear battery consoles removed from containers and positioned on a gluing table, after which two acoustic adhesive seams would be applied – all manually by an employee. The console would then be installed on the side of the boot compartment. The rear battery is installed only in vehicles with high-performance engines. The additional manufacturing time required, results in employee activity content of more than 120% in the capacity diagram, which means that the employee is unable to maintain work cycle/area. For the next vehicle, he has to walk a long distance, causing stress which can in turn leads to errors. Nor can manual gluing continuously ensure uniform battery console gluing results.

The use of an igus robolink W low-cost robot for automated removal of the battery console from part carriages, and automated application of the two acoustic adhesive seams, allows the employee to remain in his work area, even when a Passat needs a rear battery console installed. Automation also ensures that glue is applied evenly and consistently, enhancing quality.

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