FH Aachen

Award ID: 646 Company: FH Aachen

To provide its student with the latest technology available, FH Aachen is building an Industry 4.0 Model Factory aiming to demonstrate the work and process flow of an Industry 4.0. Currently, several stations are designed and constructed to produce E-Longboard. The idea is that the customer will put his/her order in the Web-Shop of FH Aachen and the order will be processed directly in the plant. One of the stations is the laser engraving station where the E-Longboard will be engraved with QR-Code to provide each E-Longboard with a unique ID that will be stored in the database. Moreover, the customer also has the opportunity to request a certain picture, word or any design to be engraved on the E-Longboard, providing a customizable E-Longboard for each customer.