Award ID: 730 Company: infinum3D

Manus 2017
Igus bearings were used in the construction of ODO Play printer to drive its arms: Drylin T TS-04-09, guide plus TW-04-09 trolley
ODO Play printer, made by Polish Infinum 3D company was created primarily for education and small design studios. Intuitive operation, simplicity and reliability as well as the attractive appearance of stirred a lot of interest among educational institutions and micro and small businesses. Thanks its enclosed design, it is fully secure allowing its use it in educational establishments. Advantages are copyrighted design solutions, above all in electronics, which are not encountered in devices in this price category: fully automated calibration system for the working table, pause function for safety, and ensuring convenience during filament replacement, a set of support tools, micro SD card, working table with a layer of CoroPad.