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igu-award-adm | April 1, 2022

Application description of the installation
The product if to automate the pathology lab tissue slide coverslipping operation .
to handle 170 micron thin glass sheet and sandwich the same on tissue slide( human brain slide)
Problem definition
1. handling of 170 micron glass sheet in a delicate manner
2. handling/ transporting of 1.2mm thick glass sheet to various operations
How were processes optimized/costs saved/increased efficiency with automation?
It has optimized the process , efficiency of coverslipping is increased as there is no such equipment in india to automate the human brain slide coverslipping. this is first of its kind to coverslip the human brain tissue and handle it in a better way for brain research purpose
Products from igus used
  • drylin® E motor control systems
  • Estimated return on investment
  • 24 plus months
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    Für den ROIBOT Award 2022 suchten wir clevere Low-Cost-Robotics Anwendungen basierend auf igus® Komponenten mit einer schnellen Amortisationszeit. Wir danken allen Teilnehmern für die zahlreichen Einsendungen!