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igu-award-adm | März 11, 2022

Applikationsbeschreibung der Anlage
The machine built with IGUS components is a semi-automatic assembly and testing machine for pneumatic connectors. Commissioned and implemented into the production process, it serves to streamline the assembly and inspection process of pneumatic connectors used in the automotive industry.
The built unit stands in a warm and dry assembly room. Requirements: Quietness, low resistance. Alternatives: Ball bearing linear guides. Right. I received a great deal of help from the people responsible for the motorized linear drive. The IGUS representative helped with the selection of components for my system, specified the necessary components.
Wie wurden mit Automatisierung Prozesse optimiert/Kosten eingespart/Effizienz gesteigert?
Driven slides were used to build a moving table with screwdrivers. The non-driven slides were used to make simple linear systems allowing vertical and horizontal movements of the electric screwdrivers. A movable device table was also mounted on the IGUS slide, which embedded two sockets for mounting the product. Solutions: The construction of the device used: – linear slides with toothed belt drive, stepper motor, drive shaft and flexible coupling, – linear slides with tables, without drives, – plain bearings with flanges
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    Für den ROIBOT Award 2022 suchten wir clevere Low-Cost-Robotics Anwendungen basierend auf igus® Komponenten mit einer schnellen Amortisationszeit. Wir danken allen Teilnehmern für die zahlreichen Einsendungen!