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igu-award-adm | April 22, 2022

Application description of the installation
Our company specializes in the development and production of innovative technologies for various areas. Our main focus is on dentistry, however, over the years we have specialized in developing products for various sectors, among them, the paper and packaging sector. This market is broad and has several challenges to be solved. In this context, we were challenged to develop the mechanical design of a sheet counter by computer vision to optimize the process of counting corrugated cardboard sheets. For this, among the design requirements were the speed of movement of the system, positioning accuracy, the lowest possible vibration, long life and a good cost-benefit ratio, due to the continuous work regime. Therefore, using Igus LM Guides, we developed a new high-tech product for the paper and packaging market. In operation since March 2020, it fully met the customers expectations both electronically and mechanically.
Problem definition
The paper and packaging industry produces thousands of corrugated board sheets daily. These sheets as they are produced are also stacked in a predetermined quantity by the corrugator operator. However, even though the corrugators have a system to count how many sheets are produced per stack, due to losses in the stacking process and other factors, the number of sheets per stack is never precise and this generates problems in the delivery of the lot, generating constant complaints from customers requiring the production of extra sheets for replacement. Some companies, to avoid this kind of inconvenience, produce extra plates and send them along with the order. In both cases, the problem is harmful because the producing company never knows for sure if it is in fact delivering more or less plates. Thus, a technological solution was necessary to solve this problem, which is the cardboard sheet counter by computer vision, developed by Odeme and commercialized by 2P.
How were processes optimized/costs saved/increased efficiency with automation?
This way, the vision cardboard sheet counter uses computer vision to identify what a sheet is and counts them, indicating on the machine panel how many sheets are present in each stack with 99.8% accuracy. The mechanical design has two critical factors that are the movement of the camera and the distance laser sensor. This movement needs to be fast, with minimum vibration, stable and very durable, due to the continuous work regime. Thus, we applied in the project the Igus ZLW LM Guides to move the camera during battery reading and adjust its distance from the battery, which is automatic. Version one of the product was installed in March 2020, obtaining excellent results, and the IGUS guides have remained in full operation to date without the need for any kind of maintenance. In general, according to customer data, the customer satisfaction index as well as the number of complaints of non-conforming orders has reduced dramatically (60% or +) increasing the reliability of the process and optimizing the companys results. Therefore, the use of Igus handling systems was fundamental to obtain an industrial product of great quality and mainly durability, meeting the project specifications.
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