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igu-award-adm | März 10, 2022

Applikationsbeschreibung der Anlage
The IGUS application is used in a device for punching holes in side bars for roller blinds. The machine consists of four punching dies ( 3 movable, 1 fixed ). The punches run on two supported shafts and linear bearings of type SME. The IGUS application is used to move these punches to the desired positions using a control system and stepper motors. Three carriages on a single axis move the blanking dies to the required positions quickly, precisely and reproducibly in a space-saving manner.
Small development space required the application to be compact. Requirements: Positioning precision was required of the system. Alternatives: Three separate axes on a screw or belt or three electric actuators were considered as the drive. I have been using IGUS products for several years and know the capabilities of these systems. When I presented my idea to my IGUS consultant, it turned out that the system I wanted was available, but due to the fact that it was new, it was not listed in the online catalog. I received drawings and all information about the product. I communicated my requirements and in this way a product tailored to the needs of my application was created.
Wie wurden mit Automatisierung Prozesse optimiert/Kosten eingespart/Effizienz gesteigert?
The applied axis coupled with the punch holders completely automates the hole punching process. After entering the preset values, all punching dies move into the preset positions much faster and more precisely than in manual work – mistakes are completely eliminated. The use of a single axis has significantly reduced costs, achieving easy installation with very little space to build the system. Solutions: A custom-made layout was used for the application: the SLWT -S -XXX table . The table consists of: – WS-10-120 rail, 1500mm long, – three DS 10×25 bolts, – three WW-10-120-10 carriages, each equipped with a DS 10×25 nut and two guide sleeves for the other bolts, – two pull bolt supports with the possibility of mounting MF-2040-NEMA23-S motor flanges ( two motors on one side and one on the other side ) – drylin elastomer couplings E
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