Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women – complete module 4 degrees of freedom

igu-award-adm | April 29, 2022

Application description of the installation
We have two robots in our college . They are robolink® RL-DP – complete module 4 degrees of freedom. We applied it in different ways like pick and place , and by connecting Light detection sensor in the front arm etc…
Problem definition
we are likely to attend more practical sessions .
How were processes optimized/costs saved/increased efficiency with automation?
Automation is designed to replace or assist human hands when it comes to task completion. In some cases, employee involvement may be entirely eliminated from certain processes. In other cases, the work of the employee is reduced to only the bare essentials. This means that employees should be able to focus on tasks continuously which is not possible , So invention of robots is very helpful to humans and makes a diverse change in the employment facilities.
Products from igus used
  • robolink® RL-DCi – complete module 4 degrees of freedom
  • Estimated return on investment
  • 3 to 6 months
  • How did you hear about the ROIBOT competition?
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    Für den ROIBOT Award 2022 suchten wir clevere Low-Cost-Robotics Anwendungen basierend auf igus® Komponenten mit einer schnellen Amortisationszeit. Wir danken allen Teilnehmern für die zahlreichen Einsendungen!