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igu-award-adm | März 18, 2022

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The automatic ultrasonic system, designed to perform automatic movements in two axes (X and Y) and with the inclusion of an ultrasonic probe, allows the inspection of slightly curved or flat composite surfaces. Each axis has an incremental encoder to accurately monitor the position of the carriage to which the probe is attached. The equipment has the flexibility to perform linear movements from 0 to 1800mm on the X-axis, at a variable speed from 200 to 1000mm/s and movements from 0 to 800mm on the Y-axis, at variable increments, at a speed from 1 to 30mm/s. The X-axis has two suction cups that allow the equipment to be fixed against the surface of the wind turbine blade to be inspected.
The production environment where the medium is operated contains fiberglass powder and epoxy resin. This is one of the reasons why we choose iglidur plastic technical bushing linear tables. Requirements: Constant, smooth gliding without lubrication. Alternatives: Ball linear guides. Due to the production environment they were not feasible for two reasons: Fiberglass dust. Inability to lubricate. Yes, from the very beginning we were accompanied by Technical Engineer Daniel Silva and internal colleagues.
Wie wurden mit Automatisierung Prozesse optimiert/Kosten eingespart/Effizienz gesteigert?
The iglidur bearings allow the solution to function properly without lubrication and with very low wear. Add to this the guides are made of aluminum which enables the medium/tool to be light enough to operate in places with difficult access. Solutions: Linear tables with Iglidur bushings. ZLW and SAW tables.
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