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igu-award-adm | März 4, 2022

Application description of the installation
Identification of product position, product positioning for printing Printed Product Verification, Tampograph Printing Process
Problem definition
Manual supply by an operator, causing lack of supply on the printing line, review of the process and assembly of the game by an operator, causing human error and sending incomplete game to the customer. Excessive manpower in the process, reducing the profitability of the service
How were processes optimized/costs saved/increased efficiency with automation?
Process optimization for cost and operational error reduction, increasing service quality and customer satisfaction.
Products from igus used
  • Rotary Shaft
  • Estimated return on investment
  • 16 to 24 month
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    Für den ROIBOT Award 2022 suchten wir clevere Low-Cost-Robotics Anwendungen basierend auf igus® Komponenten mit einer schnellen Amortisationszeit. Wir danken allen Teilnehmern für die zahlreichen Einsendungen!