igu-award-adm | April 27, 2022

Application description of the installation
Appeal : From apple to handbag with igus Low Cost Automation
With the APPEAL project, the UCLL team wants to convert fruit waste into a fully biodegradable biomaterial with various applications such as single-use plastics, agricultural film, decoration and textiles.
Every year in Belgium there is 90,000 tons of waste from these apples and pears, which can result in 15 million m² of fruit leather per year.
In short, we want to process the surplus of fruit waste that is not valorised into an ecologically and economically relevant biomaterial.

The research project has already received some important media attention and is now ready to increase the production volumes in a new production hall

Problem definition
A controlled movement is necessary for the even spread of the mixed fruit.
this is needed to make the process repeatable and scalable, which is not feasible with manual labor
How were processes optimized/costs saved/increased efficiency with automation?
The process can now be done automatically, thanks to the motorized ZLW belt driven systems from igus with accompanying D1 controller.
The systemis easy to program, dirt resistant and silent
It gives the opportunity to choose for longer stroke lengths and even motorise further movements like the height adjustment with spindle driven SLW systems.

Thanks to igus LCA there will be a short return on investment period for this sustainable and completely environmentally friendly application

Products from igus used
  • drylin® E motor control systems
  • Estimated return on investment
  • 3 to 6 months
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    Für den ROIBOT Award 2022 suchten wir clevere Low-Cost-Robotics Anwendungen basierend auf igus® Komponenten mit einer schnellen Amortisationszeit. Wir danken allen Teilnehmern für die zahlreichen Einsendungen!