Estudi Bel, Arquitectura i Urbanisme SLP I+D

Award ID: 706 Company: Estudi Bel, Arquitectura i Urbanisme SLP I+D

Manus 2017
StudiBel 3D 2.0 large-format 800x600x700 cm print volume printer, with high features for experienced users who want to exceed low cost small format. The printer is designed and built entirely with igus® components on all mobile devices. Contains mono-square rail guides on the Z-axis, double-square rail linear guides with four-bearing carriage, plastic bearings in tensioners and bearings, cylindrical and adjustable drylin® bearings in steel axes in the extruder head. It also assembles trapeziodal spindles with two-screw flange nut. (In the current version a threaded rod is used)