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The product we are developing was an half boiled egg cracking machine where it serve Singapore style breakfast, half boiled egg with kaya/butter toast bread. As there is a standard equipment in the market that cook half boiled egg but it doesnt have the capability to crack and dispense the egg, also higher end equipment using robot that able to cook and serve sunny side & scramble egg in the market with too high cost for the F&B retail industry to adpot.

Therefore we came out an idea of half boiled egg cracking machine that able to cook and maintain the egg freshness, and with a push button, it able to crack and serve the egg freshly to the customer. The idea developed with Igus lead screw, motors, slider as well as it serve the food industry safe and hygiene purpose which is maintenance free and free of lubrication and overall prototype we using 3D printer to print major of the parts and using arduino controller to prove the concept.

Moreover the equipment idea was designed as modular so in future it able to integrate with Sunny Side & Scamble Egg Cooking equipment and further on with Toast making equipment.