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Anwendung: The designed project "Chocomatic" serves as an automatic pralinetone bench equipped with an IGUS robotic arm mounted on an IGUS guidance where the customer is operated by a robot that he can control via a tablet or his own smartphone to put together his range of chocolates and fill his box with sweets.

These applications are built around interaction between the customer and the robot.

The employees of the shop where a robot is located do not need any training and do not have to do delicate operations. The robot works full "standalone" all one has to do is refill the chocolates and press start.

The robot, equipped with a camera on the tool, is going to take a picture of all pralines from which it will teach itself where each type of praline is located. Then the robot will measure the height of each type of praline to be used later when filling a box of chocolates. For each praline that the customer asks for, a photo is first taken in order to find out the exact position of the desired praline and thus take the praline perfectly in the middle and place it in its box. The robot also takes into account the position of each praline in the box, e.g. the robot will not immediately put difficult round chocolates away in the box, but first look at what comes next to decide when it is suitable to place them.

When, for example, there are no more pralines of a type present, the customer will no longer be able to select them and the employees will receive a notification asking them to refill that type of praline. This development offers excellent service for the customer and optimal ease of use for the employee where no technical knowledge is required.