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  • Datum: 2020-05-18 11:05:03
  • Firma: Kentstrapper Srl
  • Ansprechpartner: Mr. Lorenzo Cantini
  • E-Mail:
  • Anschrift: Via Antonio del Pollaiolo 130, Firenze
  • Telefon/Fax: 3921669127 /
  • Land: Italia


Manus 2017
We have developed a core xy for our 3d printers and we need bearings that need no lubrification and offers high performance


We have the need to create a core xy movement for our 3d printers, and the normal bearings ha problem of vibration and of lubrification, so we look for something to solve this matter


We have tried a lot of bearing with different diameter and shape mounted on round rod, but we have always vibration and also we have to lubrificate in order to have a clean movement. One day we try to create the core xy without rod but with the rail profile drylin and the igus pillow block w and everything changed, We can move the axys speeder and with more accuracy. Now on every our 3d printers we use the igus bearing and rails