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  • Datum: 2020-05-25 08:20:46
  • Firma: DIY research
  • Ansprechpartner: Mr. Viktor Sari
  • E-Mail:
  • Anschrift: Palota-kert 13. 1/2, Gödöllő
  • Telefon/Fax: +36 20 222 1046 /
  • Land: Magyarorszag


Manus 2017
Adjustable, automatic belt-tensioner for high speed FDM 3D printer. The bearing used at two places: guiding
the bearing housing and also act as a support bearing for a simple, pin shaft.


We needed a smooth adjustment of the tension force, therefore a spring mechanism with perfect guide
ability needed. Pairing the Igus bearings with ISO pins; we get a perfect clearance for bearing operation.
For the support of the timing belt shaft to achieve a minimal mechanical dimensions, the same bearing
used. Plastic also has a damping ability which is favorable for 3D printing machinery


Good, reliable and robust belt tensioner without any need of maintenance. The tensioner has been built and
we are very satisfactorial about it's operation.



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