Award ID: 735 Company: Provinciale School Diepenbeek

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  • Datum: 2020-05-26 12:22:18
  • Firma: Provinciale School Diepenbeek
  • Ansprechpartner: Mr. Bart Mertens
  • E-Mail:
  • Anschrift: Putmosstraat 19, Genk
  • Telefon/Fax: 498060628 /
  • Land: België


Applying with new Video!!
Using a Beckhoff-PLC to control a 4-axis IGUS-robot using the new kinematic transformation libraries.
The goal is constructing a demo pick-and-place system for IGUS to be used at demofairs. Keep in mind that this a schoolproject that has to be finished by the end of june so the demo is no fully functional yet. For now the robot can pick up one item and place it in a holder. The full system will be able to pick up four items of different colours and place it in four different holders.


The Beckhoff transformation libraries a fairly new and there was no official documentation how to use the robot with it. It took a lot of effort and cooperation with Beckhoff and Wim Laporte from IGUS to get the robot working. A manual has been made for further use.


By using the Beckhoff transformation libraries every type of IGUS-robot can be controlled in a fairly analogue way. The Beckhoff transformation libraries will greatly reduce programming time for all type of robots and thus save time and money.